About me and the service:

In the mid-1980s I have finished my studeis.Then I went to Gelka, what used to be the biggest official service in the country, in the 7th district at Thököly road. From the 90s I become  self-employed. At this time I easteblished Profi szerviz, what is situated in Buda at BACH – intersection. I started dealing with rebuild of washingmachine’s spare parts, what includes bearings, pumps, motors  and ect., ’cause I always was interested in protecting the environment. And int he last years building and repairing electric bikes and wind turbines, what  became my hobby.





1124.  Budapest  Fürj  Street 1-3  ’B’  building

Monday-Friday: 13:00  - 15:30   exept Wednesday!

Telephone number: 06-30/942-7743




Quality repairing, the lowest prices with guarantee.

Call out charge:                                     2500 HUF

Call out charge and check charge:       6500 HUF

Reparing charge/ hours * :                    4500 HUF

     + the price of the spare parts


* The smaller repairs are the contact problem, change the heating elements, and the water pump or remove forein things - usually it takes 1 hour to repair them.


The bigger problems like changing the bearings, the frame and the kettle. In these cases the repairing usually takes 2 or 3 hours. 


If you call me, please use the easiest grammar, because I’m not perfect at English. Thank you. :)


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